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Final Flat Roof (FFR K1) is the only 1-part, Kevlar® infused, polymeric membrane roofing system. It can be installed over any existing flat roof and extend its life for up to 20 years. Final Flat Roof (FFR) contains 3 proprietary chemicals and additives that enable our coating to be installed under water, if necessary. Final Flat Roof's thermo-resistance barrier performs similar to R-19 insulation. From the sub-freezing climate of the arctic oil fields, to the extreme desert conditions of Kuwait, Final Flat Roof (FFR) flat roof has performed to the highest standards.

FFR K1's highly reflective membrane will provide you with energy savings of up to 40% and a maintenance free roof for up to 20 years! Additionally, repairing your roof with FFR K1 will save you up to 50% as compared to replacing your existing roof!

Learn how FFR-K1 reduced the Port Authority of NY/NJ's cooling costs by over 27%! Click Here to read more...
Final Flat Roof (FFR) - Green Energy Council Endorsement - Read More!

Final Flat Roof (FFR) was name one of the Top Money Saving Products for 2010 by Buildings Magazine! FFR-K1 Fact Advantages & Benefits
• Single component, no mixing.
• Adheres even to damp surfaces without priming.
• Withstands ponding water.
• Can be installed in freezing conditions.
• Retains flexibility in sub zero conditions.
• Withstands damage from most chemicals and severe environments.
• Highly thixotropic allowing for ease of application.
• Surface temperature will not exceed 10ºF above ambient.
• High Albedo reduces heat and lowers energy cost.
• Low sag minimizing dripping.
• Kevlar reinforced (525,000 psi).
• Rain will not destroy coating during application.
• Saves you from expensive roof removal and disposal cost.
• Cellulous bond to concrete and wood.
• 100% adhesion of product to substrate.
• 10 –20 yr. extendable warranty available for roofs.

FFR-K1 Complete System Install

FFR K1's is truely the most cost effective and durable solution for building's flat roof.

20 yr. Labor and Material System $3.70 -$5.79 per sq. ft. installed
(As Low As $2.59 after Tax Deductions!)

* Estimates and prices vary depending upon project zoning and location.
* Price based on applied volume discount consult representative for qualifications.
*Additional charges can apply for local site fees, staging, repairs and removal of gravel from roof.

Please contact us now at (866) 637-7663 and let us help you with your flat roof.