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1. New York Port Authority
2. Central Bank Of The Bahamas
3. Miami-Dade College
4. Florida International University
5. Comfort Suites (Choice Hotel Chain)

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FFR-K1 Reviews - Final Flat Roof Reviews

"We had a leak in the lobby section of our 70,000 sf building on Long Island and until we used your product we were never able to stop the leaks in that area. After just one application of your coating, the roof/parapet walls stopped leaking. I was impressed to know that it will cure under water in an emergency, if the case arises.

Your product held up great when Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast last week. Our buildings' roof did not leak in that problem area."

John Y., Facilities Manager, Design Distributors, Inc.

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"My business is under a 13,000 square foot modified flat roof. I have struggled with leaks in my roof almost every year. Apex installed a product (FFR-K1), that sealed the area immediatly. After six months it still looks perfect, and the roof is not leaking. I am not going to waste my money on temporary tar patches which always start leaking.

The staff at Apex delivered a solution, (FFR-K1), to my long-term leaking problem and I plan to use them when the other areas of my roof begin to leak."

Gary M., President, Archway International Motorcycle Supply

"St John's College has a 30metre x 11m pool with a 2.5m deep end. The pool has been out of action for over 18 months as it was continually leaking. Several companies told us we were wasting money trying to fix leaks as they could not guarantee it would stop the problem.

Last December we employed FFR-K1 Ltd to fix the cracks for us and seal them with their new FFR-K1 product. They exposed 57 cracks - one of them 21 metres long and sealed all these cracks.

The pool now is holding its water and as school started this week, it is back in use.

I can highly recommend FFR-K1 who have done a wonderful job to solve the problem of our leaking swimming pool."

Neil S., Principal, St John's College

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"It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Pro-Fast Protective Coatings to you, and in particular their FFR-K1 product. I first came into this product when we were trying to find the leak in one of my boat's water tanks, before we headed off cray fishing in Fiordland.

We spent two days welding and trying to track down the leak in the tank but the tank still hace a small drip!

We applied FFR-K1...coming back to the boat the next day...I filled up the tank with water and couldn't believe it, no leaks!

I recommend this product as it has so many applications, especially in the maring and agricultural industries.

Once again thank you Pro Fast Protective Coatings, you have saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of sleepless nights!

John P., Owner/Operator, Jopre Fishing Company Limited

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