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We will educate the public to protect them from the industry.
We will provide our clients with a detailed Flat Roof Analysis for FREE.
We will base all recommendations on facts and physics of the building.
We will only use a flat roof product that can be installed underneath water.
We will help our clients maximize their flat roofs Return on Investment.
We will help our clients avoid unnecessary assessment & maintenance.
We will show our clients how to receive 48 months of free flat roof repairs.
We will show our clients how they can be paid to install Final Flat Roof (FFR).
We will show our clients how to turn a temporary repair into a permanent flat roof solution.

Final Flat Roof (FFR) - A Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business!
Sean Sanborn, CEO and Founder of Final Flat Roof, served his country in the Special Forces as an Army Ranger. In November of 2009 in Washington D.C., CEO Sean Sanborn was elected and appointed as the "Green Energy Councils" (GEC) Veteran Liaison. My goal is to support our returning heroes and help them transition back to the civilian life with "Green" job opportunities. Final Flat Roof (FFR) is committed to the hiring, training and promotion of Veterans within our company and independent installer. Final Flat Roof (FFR) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

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Final Flat Roof (FFR) - About the Flat Roofing Company. Learn how Final Flat Roof, a flat roofing company, has been solving roofing and waterproofing problems since 1959

What sets us apart from all other roof solutions is twofold. First, Final Flat Roof (FFR) is the only coating that can be installed and cure underneath water. Secondly, Final Flat Roof (FFR) is the only roof coating that can performs to the equivalent of R-19 insulation. We have over 20 locations nationwide ready and committed to protect our client's investments. The Final Flat Roof (FFR) alliance provides our clients with the assurance to have access to some of largest contractors in the United States bondable up to 5 million dollars. Final Flat Roof (FFR) also provides our client's access to educated roof consultants with infrared technology.

Final Flat Roof (FFR) - About the Flat Roofing Company. Learn how Final Flat Roof, a flat roofing company, has been solving roofing and waterproofing problems since 1959

Final Flat Roof (FFR) was built on a foundation of Customer service and quality of work. Final Flat Roof (FFR) has been setting the water proofing and roof restorations standards for others to follow.  We are internationally recognized for our commitment to excellence. We have over $800 million of commercial real estate protected by our reputation. At Final Flat Roof (FFR) we value our clients and we will always put their security first when designing and installing energy star-green roof systems.


From families to the international corporate client we have the manpower, equipment and the technology to provide you with the most technically advanced roof systems in the world. Final Flat Roofs state of the art "Thermoset Green Roofing System" is the right roof for every situation. Thermoset Green Roofing System"


Final Flat Roof (FFR) is invested in protecting the environment, from our recycling program to our "Thermoset Green Roof System" we have helped reduce the 123 million tons of toxic roofing that our competitor put in your landfills. We have helped reduce our dependency on foreign oil by utilizing: Thermoset, titanium and Kevlar properties to surgically restore flat roofs. Final Flat Roof (FFR) state of the art "Thermoset green roofing system" is the right roof for every situation. We are the only roofing system certified to apply this new technology in the world. When we are complete, our clients will own a green roof system that will be around for up to 20 years guaranteed.


We took a stand to put our clients, environment and our reputation first. We believe if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your roofing needs.

Sean Sanborn
CEO Final Flat Roof

Final Flat Roof (FFR) - About the Flat Roofing Company. Learn how Final Flat Roof, a flat roofing company, has been solving roofing and waterproofing problems since 1959

Do you believe that products and workmanship has better quality 30 years ago?
The roofing industry needs your roof to breakdown and fail so they can continue to get your money.
Do you believe if you pay for something you should be able to keep it?
Roofing industry warranties can be voided by wind, water and "acts of God" regardless of damage
Do you believe it is unethical to price gouged in time of emergency?
Roofing industry prices increases up to 1,000% for repairs that will have to be replaced.
Do you believe that your warranty of a new roof should be free?
The roofing industry could charge you extra fees for your warranty and impose yearly maintenance costs on you to keep your warranty in force.
Do you believe a roof product should hold up to water?
Most roof products can be voided if they are placed underwater for more than 48 hours.
Do you believe the roof product and not rocks should protect and hold your roof down in high wind?
Final Flat Roof (FFR) is a fully bonded and seamless product; at 36 lb per sq. installed it provided an aerodynamic wind ballast system to protect your roof.